Bambam’s post birthday Birthday Bash at the Crimson Hotel in Alabang

by Laguna Lupie

While recuperating from my recent lupus episodes I wanted to write about happy things and I thought I might post about my baby’s birthday party last September. 🙂

Bambam’s birthday party actually happened a month after his real birthday.  When he was hospitalized I was forced to cancel his birthday dinner a few days before the event.  Good thing I didn’t plan on a grand birthday party, cancellation of which would have been disastrously costly since suppliers do not give refunds for such occurrences.  I was just fresh from the madness of planning my eldest son’s 7th birthday party, an over the top grand affair complete with swimming and clowns and fireworks (post about this party to come later) and I didn’t want to stress over another party.  I figured that except for pictures, my baby would hardly remember his first birthday and there was no need to make it costly or stressful.  I opted for something simple but elegant and I wanted wonderful pictures of his first birthday.

_DSC9751Our red themed group picture at the Crimson Hotel’s elegant lobby

 I thought a family dinner at a beautiful new hotel in Alabang called the Crimson Hotel would be the perfect venue for our party.  We’d check in overnight and dress up for dinner at the hotel’s buffet restaurant, Café 8.

We had our resident photographer, my best friend Bogart, take care of the photos for the event.  We decide red would be a good theme for our “dress up” party since it would complement well the rich yellow and gold toned backdrop of the hotel and its beautiful lobby.



 I chose the Crimson Hotel in Alabang for our party because it is beautiful and brand new and the best part about a newly opened hotel are the promos.  Haha!  I got promo vouchers to this gorgeous new hotel thru Deal grocer a few months before my son’s birthday.  We got a weekend stay promo for two rooms and discount vouchers on their buffet dinner at Café 8.



 Thankfully, I was easily able to cancel the dinner and room reservations at the hotel with no hassles when my baby was hospitalized a few days before his birthday.  We re-scheduled the party a month after, on my own birthday weekend, so it became a two in one affair.

We all had a lot of fun dressing up and us ladies enjoyed getting our hair and make-up done in a nearby salon for the dinner.  Our group had our own photo shoot at the hotel rooms and lobby before and after the dinner.  The hotel’s rich interiors provided the perfect backdrop for an elegant photo shoot, just as I had imagined.

Some of our pre-dinner photo shoot in our rooms




Tatay Ruel and Kuya Anton looking dapper in their outfits

The buffet dinner wasn’t as big or impressive as other hotel buffets I have been to but considering the promo cost (around P750 per person for a hotel buffet dinner that usually cost around P1,500 per person) and the ample selection of Café 8, it was a memorable dinner for all of us.


I ordered a really cute jungle themed fondant cake from my trusty cake supplier/home baker, the lovely Jenny Redondo from Batangas (you can find her and her affordable fondant cakes in facebook under the name choco loco).

The intricately made cake was perfect for our elegant little affair.  Our baby loved it and he promptly picked out a jungle animal to nibble on while we were setting up the candles for the cake.


 I still had the party hats and the balloon bouquet we bought for Bambam’s birthday at the hospital and we brought that with us to the hotel. We then blew up some balloons on sticks and with permission from the restaurant staff, we set up our table at the Café 8 for my baby’s party.  It was beautiful!



Despite everything, the lack of money and all the stress and health challenges we faced during the past months, I was very happy we were still able to pull off a simple but memorable party for my baby.  I was able to achieve my goal of lovely pictures for my son.



Kuya Anton looking so guapo with his red bow tie


Beautiful and happy smiles from Bambam and his Godmother Jackie


The day after, with me frowning over my 35th birthday cake. 🙂